British Columbia ID

What is a BCID card?

The British Columbia identification card (BCID) is an item of government picture ID that will certainly help you access solutions or circumstances that will certainly need recognition in Canada, as it is identified as a Federal government ID.

Do I need to obtain a BCID if I will only remain in Canada briefly?

NO, it is not necessary to obtain a BCID if you have various other photo ID from your nation, but it is useful if you do not intend to bring your key or nation’s ID around with you throughout time examining or operating in Canada.

You can keep on using your country’s ID as well as this will certainly be approved in many locations, as it is a federal government piece of ID, but if you wish to make certain you don’t lose it, you can easily get a BCID card rather. Bear in mind that in Canada you will be asked to reveal ID for points like having a beer with buddies, buying a container of a glass of wine at a dining establishment, etc. so you MUST have a valid ID with you.