About Us

Numerious Services offered by Novelty Documentation

  • We offer high quality Fake Documents at a reasonable price.
  • All of our IDs come with State specific Holograms and/or UV ink. Please click here for a list of IDs available.
  • The IDs are programmed to scan either by magnetic stripe or barcode or both.

New Identity Equals New Life. We offer both Real and Fake Documents
We started as a bunch of college students trying to buy some fake IDs to get into clubs and bars. Unfortunately, we were scammed by a few online sites offering to sell us the IDs. The local ID maker’s products were substandard, considering the prices that he was charging. So, we started making them ourselves, since we were very good with Photoshop.
We managed to get into a few clubs, even though the initial quality of our IDs were pretty bad. Some friends had us make some fakes for them as well when they saw ours. More orders came in after that, as word of mouth spreads. Eventually, this became our full time job. We’re still doing this after graduation in 2009. We now outsource the ID manufacturing to a foreign country. Our laws do not apply where they are.
So, that’s our story and we’re sure that you can relate to what we’ve been through.
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